The battle of the search engines is heating up, with Microsoft’s Bings having added video to its home page.

The video on the US home page is visible to people using an HTML5-enabled browser.

Stephanie Horstmanshof, managing editor of Bing, says video represents the next step in Bing’s efforts to bring people into an experience they can’t get anywhere else.

“The Bing home page gives people something to talk about and connect with, and it inspires curiosity in our users,” she says. “And that’s really one of our ultimate goals – to make them want to come to the home page every day to see what the image is going to be and to make them find out more about it. It’s always had beautiful images, and breathing a little life into those images through video seemed like a natural evolution for the home page.”

Going forward, videos will be sprinkled in among the static photos that appear each day on the home page. The goal with both the images and videos is to invite people to explore more and peek inside Bing, says Laura Kern, director of design for Bing.