The University of the Western Cape (UWC) has implemented Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Server and Kofax document imaging and capture solution from Intervate, revolutionising access to student information throughout the University.
Information management solutions specialist Intervate was selected after a tender process initiated by the Student Administration Department in consultation with the University’s project management consultants. Intervate worked directly with the Department, gaining a full understanding of its requirements throughout the project.

Until the implementation of the integrated document management solution, UWC manually managed the records of close to 60 000 past and current students.
Microsoft SharePoint 2010 allows administrators to access the correct information and present it in a quick and easy-to-use format. The platform’s built-in workflow functionality improves data integrity and completeness by, for example, automatically interrogating the university’s student database to locate missing information such as ID or student numbers.
The Kofax imaging and capture part of the system accommodates the digitising of all physical documents that are part of the registration and administration processes, but provides superior accuracy and workflow capabilities. This function was previously outsourced to a third party.

Integration into other IT systems, which was limited before, has been greatly improved by the new implementation, which allows for the surfacing of student file information in almost any system through the use of Web services.

“The combination of the technologies enabled us to deliver a complex solution in a fairly simple manner, giving university staff the ability to get a consolidated view of up to 31 individual document types related to any student,” says Intervate director, Wilhelm van Rensburg.
“The Web-browser interface helps overcome any user apprehension or the need for retraining, in addition, the front-end was designed to reflect UWC’s branding.”

The system’s performance and accuracy has improved efficiency drastically, saving UWC both time and money.