Circuit City Electronics introduces BearExtender PC, the first Microsoft Windows compatible edition of BearExtender. BearExtender PC is a long range, high-powered 802.11n WiFi USB receiver that offers up to four times the standard range USB and built‐in WiFi products, at an affordable price.
BearExtender PC is built on the same technology as the award winning BearExtender n3 for Macs (MacWorld 4/5 Stars June 15m 2010) introduced in 2009 by recent Product Design graduate from the University of California, Berkeley, Roland Saekow, and Jason Opdyke, head of product development at Rokland Technologies.
BearExtender is named after Berkeley’s wireless network called AirBears.
“BearExtender n3 for Macs was well received because of its affordable price and excellent long range performance. As so many of our buyers inquired about a Microsoft Windows version, we had no choice but to launch a PC version,” Saekow says.
But the BearExtender founders and customers were not the only ones to tout the technology behind the original BearExtender n3.
The Unofficial Apple Weblog wrote “it’s not often that I’ve come across a product that works perfectly, does exactly what it says it will, costs a lot less than its closest competitor and provides a real and salient difference in my computing experience. The BearExtender n3 does just that”.
And now BearExtender technology is now available for Microsoft Windows users. BearExtender technology combines two proprietary high sensitivity receivers with a powerful 700 mW transmitter for long range WiFi performance.
Built‐in WiFi cards, on the other hand, typically operate between 50 and 100 mW maximum. BearExtender PC offers up to four times the range of standard WiFi USB adapters and on- board WiFi cards: approximately twice the range for internal laptop cards, and four times for standard range 802.11g USB adapters.
BearExtender PC also features an upgradable, external 2dBi gain antenna, bypassing interference from casing on notebooks and desktop computers.
“BearExtender PC offers long ranges to both older 802.11g networks as well as new 802.11n networks,” says Opdyke. “Until now, users had to decide between a long range 802.11g adapter that did not work with N routers, or an 802.11n product that did not get very good range to G routers. BearExtender PC gets long ranges to either one, giving you strong signals and fast speeds too.”
Priced at just R599.00, BearExtender PC costs less than most basic 802.11n products found on retail store shelves, yet offers up to four times the range. The product will be available from most Incredible Connection Stores as from 23 September 2011.