EMC Corporation has announced availability of the new EMC Documentum Mobile app for the Apple iPad, providing users with true enterprise capabilities from anywhere. Documentum Mobile is available free from Apple iTunes for customers with existing EMC Documentum client licences.
It provides secure access to information for workers to make informed decisions – quickly search for required information and participate in business processes – regardless of location. This is the first proof-point of EMC’s commitment to supporting “choice computing”, which enables users to access, share and collaborate on their preferred device.
New Documentum Mobile offers users increased mobility for form-factor appropriate use-cases and is compatible with Documentum 6.6 and 6.7 versions. It extends the power of the EMC Documentum platform to improve information worker productivity with fast access to information, including business documents and rich media.
It provides a simple iOS native interface to perform common tasks such as browsing the repository, searching and previewing information, downloading content, gaining offline access, and collaborating and approving workflow tasks from anywhere.
Documentum Mobile leverages a set of RESTful (Representational State Transfer) services on top of the Documentum platform to offer mobility without compromising security and information governance policies, thereby leveraging the enterprise-strength security synonymous with the Documentum brand.
Documentum Mobile is designed for the “new user” of the post-PC era, which is the impetus driving the user interface strategy for EMC’s Information Intelligence Group (IIG). The strategy includes making the user experience compelling, fast and modern, expressing it on a variety of end-point devices, including tablets and smartphones, and finally enabling agile composition of new information-enabled solutions.
“The iPad has truly revolutionised the way work gets done,” says Albert Nel, account manager of EMC Southern Africa’s Information Intelligence Group.
“EMC is delighted to deliver a key component of our strategy to empower the ‘new user’ in the post-PC era, who’s far more mobile, social and thrives on instant access to business-critical information. Organisations can now realise a higher return on their investment through increased end-user adoption of content and case management solutions.”
“We’ve seen the use of tablets in the enterprise just explode over the past year or so, whether as a laptop replacement for executives on the go, or as a platform for mobile apps for sales and field service personnel,” says Melissa Webster, programme VP for content and digital media technologies at IDC.
“All of these users need access to their content – and to the enterprise repository that manages that content – in a seamless, easy-to-use way that nonetheless provides comprehensive security to safeguard the enterprise’s intellectual property and most confidential information.”