Going green in business is no longer merely a choice for a select few companies; it is becoming a business necessity. Locally, users are all too aware of the high cost of energy as electricity and petrol prices continue to climb, and Eskom’s supply shortages have affected every citizen of South Africa.
In addition, global warming activists are increasingly focusing their attention on business’ impact on the environment. “Frankly, it is obvious, and everyone concurs that we ought to protect and preserve our planet for future generations to come,” says Gerald Naidoo, CEO of Logikal Consulting.
Even the most profit-motivated executives are sitting up and taking notice of the bottom line profits that can be attained with a focus on lowering power consumption, with many forward-looking companies aiming for “carbon neutral” status. While the rhetoric may be on the environment, the underlying motivation is lower costs and increased profitability.
“Companies that take the lead in optimising their organisations will not only get ahead of legislation and the consumer pressure but will be in a position to reap significant cost savings,” explains Naidoo. “Embracing Green IT requires a company’s leadership to move beyond short term hardware fixes and embrace new thinking.”
For those businesses that are aware of the need to go green, but are unsure of how to go about it; or for those that have a green plan in place but are not meeting their goals, good advice is as simple as calling Logikal Consulting.
The company specialises in providing integrated solutions from conception to implementation. Through viewing enterprise IT resources as warehouses of hardware and software, together with thought and industry leadership, Logikal offers an effective solution to the design, architecture, management and efficient use of IT resources.
“By following a fragmented IT model that is inflexible and ultimately very costly, some organisations are faced with high resource costs and inefficient IT infrastructure.
“Our vision of Green IT is not just about virtualisation, cloud computing, hardware or software, but a 360 degree integrated approach to ensure full utilisation of resources in the most cost-effective way, thereby reducing the organisation’s measurable bottom line and carbon footprint,” says Kevin Mani, managing executive at Logikal Consulting.
Through its partnerships with leading international technology providers, Logikal Consulting is able to offer a compelling solution that boasts all-round sustainability. From hardware through to software and management solutions, the company ensures its clients cover all of their bases.
For example, as the leading skilled SAS Institute partner in sub-Saharan Africa, the company offers comprehensive sustainability management solutions.
“Today, data about sustainable perfor­mance is disparately tracked in multiple operational systems or rudi­mentary accounting files,” Mani says. “The increas­ing frequency of reporting exacerbates this pain. Often, organisations do not have the enterprise tools to gather and manage this important data and derive real value from improvement projects.”
The company therefore provides a solution which allows clients to efficiently capture and organise their information and derive real value from it by applying the power of advanced analytics: predic­tive modelling, forecasting and optimisation.
Similarly, Logikal Consulting offers solutions for the biggest energy headache any business must deal with: storage and management of data.
“While consolidation efforts on the IT front have been undertaken for the past few years in terms of centralising and streamlining data centre infrastructures, notably through server virtualisation, it is the new externalities and trends of ‘green’, as well as fast-morphing market conditions related to soaring energy and electricity costs that has brought environmentally friendly enterprise data management strategies to the forefront,” adds Mahesh Chavan, Logikal Consulting’s chief technology officer.
“Working against efficient disposal of useless data, and subsequent power savings, is the near unending flow of information into corporate databases and the legislative need to save more and more data to comply with regulations. Solutions that boost energy efficiency are a natural corollary to reducing the thirst for power as the volume of business related data grows.”
He adds that while going green is about reducing power, reducing carbon emissions and driving energy cost out of the IT infrastructure, it is by interweaving many relevant technology strategies the businesses can aim to achieve a smooth green operation.
“Your organisation’s progress in sus­tainability can have a positive impact on your reputation, energy efficiency, employee retention, customer satisfac­tion and bottom line. But first, you must be aware of current performance and understand opportu­nities to improve. Logikal Consulting allows companies to attain that understanding, and achieve those improvements.”