In the future, being an app developer in the post-PC marketplace will be just as coveted a career choice as being a doctor, lawyer or teacher are today.
In light of this, immedia – a leading digital consultancy currently pioneering South Africa’s app development industry – has embarked on an exciting training initiative, aimed at providing South African businesses and individuals with the skills they need to become global app creators.
A major coup is that many of the technical courses will be instructed by Swiss-based mobile developer, respected consultant and experienced trainer, Adrian Kosmaczewski from Akosma Software
. Adrian has been writing and teaching software for the past 20 years.
Since 1996, Adrian has shipped Web applications using various technologies, as well as desktop systems for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux, and lately mobile apps for iOS and Android. Delegates will also have full access to the local expertise of seasoned digital gurus: immedia CEO and head strategist Anice Hassim, and head developer Kishyr Ramdial.
The courses are designed to meet the needs of a range of delegates and skills levels, namely app developers, dev beginners and executives. Courses include:
* App dev – four courses pitched at developers with interests in any of a number of technologies, and  with various level of skills: iOS Beginners, iOS Advanced, Cross-Platform App Dev and Cloud Services in App Dev.
* The business of app dev – this is aimed at executives wanting to come to terms with the ever-changing mobile space. This custom course is therefore directed specifically at marketing managers and other business executives and will provide a consolidated view of the landscape so that they can make the right digital marketing decisions.
* Career day – school leavers contemplating their careers will be exposed to the joys of iPhone and iPad development via an iOS101 workshop.
The courses will be held in Johannesburg and Pretoria from 03 to 08 October 2011, and from immedia’s HQ in Umhlanga, Durban, from 10 to 15 October.