Fujitsu South Africa has honoured Triple4 with two partner awards: Best Newcomer of the Year and Best System Innovator. The awards were made on Thursday 22 September 2011 at the Fujitsu Boot Camp at Birchwood Hotel on Gauteng’s East Rand.
Triple4, a provider of innovative infrastructure solutions, only became a Fujitsu partner during the past 18 months.
“Our hosting business is expanding rapidly, and we simply were not getting the right level of support and service from our previous supplier. We therefore entered into a partnership with Fujitsu which was prepared to give us the support we need to expand rapidly,” explains Scott Orton, sales director at Triple4.
“In the last year we were able to set up three data centres, one for ourselves and two for clients, with Fujitsu’s help. I think the Best Newcomer of the Year award recognises the depth that this partnership has already developed, despite its relatively short duration.”
Orton says that he is particularly proud of the Best Systems Innovator of the Year award, because it recognises the innovative approach to solving client problems that lies at the heart of Triple4’s success.
Head of channel for Fujitsu, Fred Saayman, concurs.
“It’s very clear to us that the Triple4 team uses our technology in highly innovative ways, really seeing its full potential and then applying it to deliver excellent solutions to the client. This award recognises their ability to stretch our technology to its full extent,” he says.
“I’m very proud that the Triple4 team was able to win two awards from Fujitsu after such a short time—this shows the kind of energy they have put into building this relationship, and the value that both parties place on it,” Orton concludes.