MWeb has introduced new capped ADSL packages for the Soho/SME and home markets, with prices ranging between R99.00 and R190.00 per month.

Rudi Jansen, chief executive at MWeb, says uncapped, unthrottled ADSL remains the company’s hero product.

“We’re very excited to see the Internet landscape moving towards an uncapped environment. However, we understand the market’s made up of users who are adopting the Internet at different rates. As a leading South African ISP, MWeb will ensure we have offerings to meet a range of varying Internet needs,” says Jansen.

MWeb’s new offerings give consumers who’re still in the market for capped Internet a greater degree of choice when selecting a package to suit their needs. With these new products, capped customers will now benefit from ADSL pricing from as low as R18.00 per Gb.

The ISP will automatically upgrade customers on selected capped products to higher data allocations. For example, customers on a 5Gb data package will be upgraded to 8Gb of data, free of charge.