CA Southern Africa now offers CA ARCserve r16, a comprehensive hybrid data protection solution that enables customers and service providers to rigorously safeguard the availability of critical data, applications and services across their increasingly diverse mix of virtual, conventional and cloud resources.
CA ARCserve r16 unifies data management functions through a scalable, modular architecture that also facilitates integration with third-party software such as remote monitoring tools, management platforms and solutions from external service providers.
The solution simplifies management of heterogeneous IT environments by allowing customers to purchase multiple data protection functionalities with a single licence based on the total amount of data they need to protect. This licensing model also makes it easy for service providers to price and package complete data protection and management solutions for their customers.
CA ARCserve r16 is also available through traditional licensing models.
“CA Southern Africa is committed to the launch of ARCserve r16, as it really fulfils the promise of cloud,” says Andy Podrenek, account manager at CA Southern Africa.
“ARCserve r16 will now give our local South African partners and customers the ability to make better use of the cloud without the need of propriety hardware from any vendor or partner. Customers can back up directly to a local MSP (managed service provider) cloud service, which saves hardware and management costs.
“The opportunity now exists for an MSP to offer backup, replication and high availability as a service to their customers on a monthly basis.”
CA ARCserve r16 introduces a common cloud connection layer across all data protection components, including: traditional file backup, disc imaging, replication and high availability. This provides integrated access to hybrid cloud storage, enabling customers to more readily take advantage of public and private cloud services for purposes such as remote, off-site data protection, archiving and failover.
CA ARCserve r16 also enables service providers and their customers to protect systems and data both locally – for fast, simple end-user or administrator recovery and in the cloud – to protect critical data files offsite for disaster recovery.
“The strong trend is continuing, with end-users and MSPs moving to a virtual environment,” says Podrenek. “ARCserve r16 is well positioned in this space as the customer now sees benefit from using one vendor for both physical and virtual data management.”
CA Southern Africa will be show casing ARCserve R16 around the country in October. All major components of CA ARCserve r16 – including ARCserve Backup, ARCserve D2D and ARCserve Replication and High Availability – have been updated with significant enhancements, including new AES encryption to secure data in transfer and at rest, as well as tighter integration between traditional and image-based backup.
In addition, CA ARCserve continues to offer integrated backup to disc, tape or cloud, storage resource management, infrastructure visualisation and data de-duplication.