Bluekey Holdings, a provider of strategic technologies for business, including enterprise resource planning and business intelligence, has acquired a 50% stake in Flat Rock Solutions, a specialist in mobility solutions and mobile device management services.

The partnership gives impetus to Bluekey’s ambition to offer an end-to-end solution to businesses for empowering mobility while allowing Flat Rock to leverage Bluekey’s infrastructure, expertise and national footprint. The new entity, Flat Rock Solutions, is focused as a leader in enterprise mobility.

“There is burgeoning demand from South African companies for solutions and applications that can meaningfully mobilise an enterprises workforce. We’re answering to this growing need with tailored, value-adding solutions and services that will enable companies to leverage mobile to its fullest extent,” says Dennis Marketos, MD of Bluekey Holdings.

Flat Rock specialises in mobility solutions, including mobile applications and devices as well as application management for small to large enterprises. It supports multi-device environments including BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices.

The company has a holistic approach to enterprise mobility. Its end-to-end service includes the development of business, process and user profile-specific applications to automate and optimise workflow using mobile devices, as well as integrating and managing mobile infrastructures for organisations. The team also provides training and end-user support.

“On-the-go email and connectivity to the corporate network is really just the beginning when it comes to mobility and companies are fast-realising there’s a need for more specific applications and greater integration if they are to realise their mobile ambitions,” says Allan Wilson, founder of Flat Rock Solutions. “We’re carving a niche for ourselves in what is a relatively new, but rapidly growing market.

“While providing value-adding applications tailored to specific business requirements and end-user needs; we also provide the expertise, training and support to address the challenges around mobility, thus giving South African organisations the keys to unlocking its enormous potential.”

Smart mobile applications have the potential to drive efficiencies and enhance productivity in ways most companies have not even imagined. While on the road, at home or sitting in front of customers, sales people can, for example, instantly access company systems to check stock availability, review customer details and payment terms, generate quotes, process orders; and track the status and progress of orders among other things.

Insurance assessors can, for instance, assess the extent of damage to a vehicle, take photos, record the details of an accident and send the claim for further processing on a handheld device from any location. There is no need to take down notes, phone around for details or spend hours on administration when back at the office. All actions taken by the employee on their mobile devices are in sync with the company’s systems and are automated seamlessly.

“Our solutions and applications are designed to make the lives of employees operating out of the office easier, optimise work processes, reduce costs and increase productivity,” says Wilson.

Deploying mobile devices and applications across an organisation is just one of the factors in empowering worker mobility. The applications and devices need to be integrated with existing business processes and the rest of the company IT architecture. Then the actual applications, issues of data security and the information on the devices need to be closely monitored and tightly managed on an on-going basis.

Flat Rock’s mobile device management services simplify the deployment and management of mobility across the enterprise allowing for the centralised monitoring and control of mobile devices, applications and content.