Edge-Core Networks Corporation, a professional global networking solution provider, has expanded the sub-Saharan Africa network of Edge-Core and SMC Networks partners. The company has signaled its intention to capture more of the domestic market share.
The company offers a complete range of enterprise-level and service provider/carrier Ethernet networking equipment and services to an international customer and partner base.

New distributors have been added to the company’s existing South African channel, as well as first partners in Nigeria and Mozambique. With revenues through August already surpassing the previous year’s total in the region, 2011 has the makings of a break-out year for the company.

Paul Luff, country manager, Edge-Core Networks, says the company has positioned itself forcefully and strategically within Africa’s rapidly developing network market in order to meet increasing local market requirements.

“Partnerships represent a critical component of any credible operations strategy in the market today. Establishing a firm grip on developing markets requires a reliable supply chain and effective support to ensure service delivery. We value these relationships and know that because of the solid network we have in place, our growing customer base will benefit enormously,” says Luff.

Sub-Saharan Africa Edge-Core and SMC Networks partners include:

* ATEC, South Africa – Edge-Core partner since July 2011.
Based in South Africa, ATEC aims to enhance the value of gated communities with modern but mature telecommunications, security, and Web-based management systems.
Technologies supported by ATEC include fibre to the home telecommunication networks, biometric access control, IP-based surveillance, 2D vehicle license scanners with portable biometric enrollment, panic and frail care solutions, distributed TV systems, VoIP telephony, IPTV and video on demand systems.
* Core Networks, South Africa – Edge-Core/SMC partner since 2009.
Founded in December 1992, Core Networks are visionaries in IT service and product provision. Core Networks are dedicated to providing the best in computer network analysis and high-end networking equipment, based on client specifications and requirements.
Technology deliverables and services include infrastructure, network analysis/design, consulting, project leadership, outsourcing, and distribution.
* Miro Distribution, South Africa – Edge-Core partner since March 2011.
Founded in 2001, Miro Distribution is one of South Africa’s leading suppliers of wireless, networking, VoIP and IP video products.
Miro is a responsible supplier of growing IP convergence industries and focuses heavily on supplying best-of-breed products, providing strong after-sales service and technical support. Miro’s head office is in Midrand, Gauteng, with branches in the Western Cape, in Milnerton, Cape Town, in Briardene, Kwazulu-Natal, Mpumalanga and Nelspruit.
* Triana, Mozambique – SMC partner since April 2011. Founded in 2000, Triana is a Mozambique company dedicated to the supply, implementation, and optimisation of solutions in the IT area. Triana represents international brands in hardware, networking and software. Based in Maputo, the young and dynamic team at Triana offers high quality equipment and personalised service to customers.
* TVR Computers, South Africa – SMC partner since November 2010.
Founded in 1988, TVR is one of South Africa’s largest importers of international brands in the IT and media industry. Catering to both large and small businesses, TVR’s national network of dealers is comprised of more than 4 000 customers.
TVR’s continued growth has been driven by effective planning and a solid marketing approach based on service and product excellence.
* UnoTelos, Nigeria – Edge-Core partner since March 2011.
Founded in 2004, UnoTelos is a multi-system integrator in Nigeria focused on designing solutions and providing services to address every stage of the customer’s network, from planning and design, to deployment, operations and maintenance.
Areas of expertise include infrastructure and network management, network planning and design, network deployment, and carriers.
Management at Edge-Core Networks says the strengthened partnership base will add substantial value to its operations and the company looks forward to engaging with existing and emerging businesses.