MXit will be a central part of the publicity campaign for David Guetta, the multi-Grammy award winning musician who will perform in Johannesburg and Cape Town this month at the St Yves Music Festival.

Guetta will be joined by AKON, Jax Panik and US top 25 DJs Joe Bermudez and DJ Jenny LaFemme.

As part of its partnership with festival organiser Cintron Africa, MXit will transform a section of its platform into a special event portal for its community to interact by sending “shout-outs”, which will be streamed live at the concert.

In addition, users will be able to enter competitions to win exclusive tickets to the pre-event dinner, as well as stand a chance of winning one of the 100 tickets on offer.

“This is exciting for MXit,” says Juan du Toit, executive head of international business development & marketing for MXit. “It’s not only because we will be providing a very special platform for fans to interact, win tickets, and download free content but also because it signals the incredible influence that mobile social media holds today.”

Besides being able to win 100 general admittance tickets to the festival in Cape Town on 14 October and Johannesburg on 15 October, one MXit user and partner will win an opportunity to have dinner with David Guetta, AKON and local celebrity Jax Panik in Cape Town.

This is not the first time that MXit has been chosen by international artist and dignitaries as a platform to connect with African and South African youth. US President Barack Obama used MXit to receive and answer questions from African youth during his first visit to Africa; and MXit was also the social network used to promote Sean Kingston’s tour of South Africa earlier this year.

MXit has confirmed that one of the festival celebrities will chat to the mobile social network’s community in a chat room before the event. MXit users will be able to queue to participate in the chat room and those queuing to enter will be able to see the questions being posed to the artist and the answers that he or she gives.

“The big difference in communicating to people on a social network is that the conversation is two-way,” says Du Toit. “Unlike traditional advertising, social networking allows celebrities, brands and people to have deeper, more meaningful discussions, and this is where the true magic of social networking lies.”

MXit has a global community of more than 44-million registered user accounts, with 75% of them in South Africa.