Research in Motion is working to fix the outage and restore services that have now been affected in all parts of the world, rippling out from Europe, Middle East and Africa where the crash occurred on Monday.

Finally seeing the value in communicating with users, Research in Motion has been issuing regular updates for the last few hours, with the latest reading: “All services across Europe, Middle East and Africa, as well as India, have been operating with significant improvement. We continue to monitor the situation 24/7 to ensure ongoing stability. Thank you for your patience.”

The previous update also had encouraging news for users in the Americas, who starting experiencing problems yesterday. “Service levels are also progressing well in the US, Canada and Latin America and we are seeing increased traffic throughput on most services, although there are still some delays and services levels may still vary amongst customers. Our global teams are continuing to work as quickly as possible to restore full and consistent service across all regions.”

Earlier, RiM chief information officer Robin Bienfait issued a detailed statement, reading: “To all BlackBerry customers: I want to first apologise for the service interruptions and delays many of you have been experiencing this week. I also wanted to connect with you directly, give you an update on the service issues we are trying to solve, and answer some of the questions and concerns you’ve expressed.

“You’ve depended on us for reliable, real-time communications, and right now we’re letting you down. We are taking this very seriously and have people around the world working around the clock to address this situation. We believe we understand why this happened and we are working to restore normal service levels in all markets as quickly as we can.”

He went on to detail the outage’s impact and current service levels in the different regions.