Kaspersky Lab welcomes LB Cubed IT Solutions into its channel partner programme, as a value added distributor (VAD) for the southern African region. The partnership, which commenced in September 2011, will see LB Cubed distributing Kaspersky Lab’s corporate product range through a reseller network into the region.
LB Cubed will be providing everything expected from a VAD from sales fulfilment (including POCs and tenders) and marketing services to resellers and first level support queries.
“The Kaspersky Lab business model is based on the principle of operation via a network of partners. As a partner-oriented company, Kaspersky Lab provides all of its partners with effective sales and marketing tools to achieve successful cooperation – and certainly we are pleased to welcome LB Cubed on board,” says Stephan van der Merwe, head of operations for sub-Saharan Africa, Kaspersky Lab Africa.
“LB Cubed is finely attuned to readily changing local requirements and industry leading technologies – priding themselves on solutions that are executed according to international best practices. And with an exceptional track record in terms of customer service, they are certainly technically adept to handle any query our customers and/or resellers may have.”
LB Cubed will be working in conjunction with Kaspersky Lab and the company’s other distribution partners in the region to aggressively grow market share.
“The LB Cubed team understands the importance of building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships and providing superior customer service is a fundamental pillar of our company,” say Lee Milroy, CEO of LB Cubed.
“We look forward to joining the Kaspersky Lab Partner Programme and providing Kaspersky Lab customers with all the necessary resources for a safe and secure technology experience.”
“We would like to welcome LB Cubed to our business model and look forward to the premium quality of services and solutions they will undoubtedly provide, along with our other key distributors, BioData (now WestCon) and Phoenix Software,” concludes Van der Merwe.