Hospitality Technology International (HTI) – Africa’s leading developer of hospitality software – has acquired its eRes Development sister company with immediate effect, says Rory Montgomery, marketing manager of HTI.
HTI’s eRes solution is supplied to over 90 groups, spanning more than 2 500 properties in sub-Saharan Africa. The software, a Web-based application that interfaces seamlessly with most major property management systems, travel agents, tour operators and marketing portals, is said to be the most widely used CRS in South Africa.
Montgomery says that in terms of the merger, all eRes development and administration staff now fall under the auspices of HTI, with Andre Richards, the current MD of eRes Development, being appointed as a director of HTI.
“This move makes HTI even more resourceful in terms of overall development, as the entire development team has been absorbed into HTI. Overall efficiencies will also be enhanced as the merger will enable us to reduce any duplication. With this renewed business focus, development work will also be sped up – a benefit that will definitely be felt by our growing client base.”
HTI recently announced its new road map for its eRes Central Reservation (CRS) and distribution software for the next two years, adding it will be spending up to R12-million on software development.
Montgomery states the company is looking at a slew of feature enhancements that will have the effect of making eRes the continued first choice of many property groups and companies in the coming years.
The new version of eRes would be “browser-based and would include major architectural changes”.