Altech Technology Concepts (ATC) customers enjoyed an uninterrupted service while the Seacom undersea cable was out of commission last week.
This is because the network operator designed and built its network with a specific focus on failover contingencies.
“Like other ISPs, ATC utilises both the SAT-3 and Seacom cable systems in an effort to assure our customers’ uptime should one of the cable systems fail,” says Wayne de Nobrega, CEO of Altech Technology Concepts. “Our ability to maintain 100% uptime is achieved through the stringent capacity management policy we have on both links. This ensures that customers can seamlessly alternate between systems, should one of the cables fail.
“Our customers have not felt any pain over the last week and haven’t even noticed that there has been a cable fault. It’s business as usual for them. The quality of our internet service has remained impeccable”
Although no ATC customers were impacted due to the failure, ATC engaged with Seacom to ensure that alternate routes were established to further maintain ATC’s redundancy.
“Although this cable management system costs ATC considerably more, it is well worth the customer satisfaction experienced and the quality of our network – both of which are paramount to us – we will never compromise on either,” De Nobrega says.