Telkom has taken a step closer towards creating true fixed mobile convergence, yesterday unveiling a portfolio of broadband offerings to business customers.
This announcement follows the introduction of Telkom Business Mobile last month, when the company committed to a phased approach towards true convergence. Now, with the introduction of a business broadband product set, Telkom is continuing the momentum.
The Telkom Business Broadband portfolio offers a range of high capped and uncapped products targeted at small, medium and large business.
MD of Telkom Business, Dr Brian Armstrong, says that demand for faster line speeds and the appetite for Internet usage is on the up and up.
“In fact, Gartner predicts that through to 2015, average bandwidth requirements among enterprises will grow at a rate of at least 30% to 50% per year depending on region, line-of-business and so on,” he says.
The TBiz Capped offerings include five product bundles starting at an entry level 8Gb shaped  Internet usage with ADSL access of up to 384kbps to a 40Gb shaped Internet Usage account with ADSL access of up to 4/10 Mbps.
The TBiz Uncapped offerings include four product bundles with entry-level ADSL speeds of up to 384kbps ranging to up to 4/10 Mbps. The TBiz Uncapped offerings are subject to Telkom Internet’s Acceptable Use Policy.
Tailor-made Business Broadband solutions are also available, allowing customers to select their preferred components of ADSL access line speed, capped or uncapped Internet packages and value added service options.
Telkom Business Broadband is competitive on speed and usage levels and offers a well-balanced product, delivering unmatched value to the market, says Dr Armstrong.
Value-added features for the Business Broadband portfolio include a new ADSL modem with automatic 3G back-up capability. These modems connect users to a fixed line but can also accommodate a 3G dongle with SIM card for mobile broadband back-up. This allows for the automatic connection to wireless 3G if the ADSL line fails and reverts when the ADSL line is restored.
“Telkom Business Broadband is backed by Telkom’s robust IP network connected locally and internationally and is supported by Telkom Business’s national points of presence,” Dr Armstrong says.
“With the launch of this offering Telkom has positioned itself as one-stop provider of combined offerings including Virtual Private Networks, cloud based services,  fixed and mobile voice and unified communications; further paving the road towards true fixed mobile convergence.”