To provide healthcare customers with comprehensive healthcare integration capabilities within a unified enterprise application infrastructure platform, Oracle has announced Oracle SOA Suite for healthcare integration.
Oracle SOA Suite for healthcare integration delivers healthcare message standards support, dashboards and monitoring for healthcare collaboration, and a toolkit for rapid HIPAA 5010 upgrade and compliance.
The software helps healthcare organisations lower operating costs and speeds time-to-market by delivering a consistent user interface, management console and monitoring environment, as well as healthcare libraries and templates for healthcare customer projects.
Oracle SOA Suite for healthcare integration capabilities are part of the Healthcare Adapter for Oracle SOA Suite 11g.
A component of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g, Oracle SOA Suite 11g is an integrated, best-of-breed suite that helps organisations rapidly design and assemble, deploy and manage, highly agile and adaptable business applications.
Oracle SOA Suite for healthcare integration is fully configurable and extensible, providing a highly flexible platform for collaboration across all healthcare domains.
The new specialised integration capabilities provide healthcare organisations with:
* Healthcare message standards support – delivers support for messaging and exchange standards used extensively within healthcare domains, such as hospitals, health systems and Regional Health Information Organisations (RHIOs).
* These include messaging standards (HL7, X12N, HIPAA) and exchange standards (MLLP v1.0, v2.0, TCP/IP, AS2 for HIPAA).
* Simplified dashboards for healthcare collaboration – helps users easily define documents and endpoints through a simplified user experience and advanced monitoring capabilities that support end-to-end healthcare message tracking.
* A toolkit for rapid HIPAA 5010 upgrade and compliance – provides pre-defined healthcare integration mapping for HIPAA standards that is fully customisable and extensible.
“The extensive set of standards all healthcare organisations are required to adhere to presents a significant information technology challenge,” says Michael Weingartner, VP, product development, Oracle.
“With the launch of Oracle SOA Suite for healthcare integration, Oracle has merged specialised healthcare integration capabilities into a unified enterprise application infrastructure platform. By embedding support for healthcare-specific standards within Oracle SOA Suite 11g, we are able to help healthcare organisations improve efficiencies, lower operating costs and reduce time-to-market.”