Web Africa is shaking up the ISP reseller market with its new offerings, including unlimited traffic and massively increased disk space for hosting as well as compelling pricing for ADSL offerings with data from R7.99 per Gig.
The second largest hosting company in South Africa, Web Africa, has beefed up its offering to allow resellers unlimited traffic and virtually unlimited resources with even its midrange product offering 50Gb disk space.
“Quite simply we got fed up with traffic quotas. Unlimited is the way to go. We also heard the call for increased disk space and we rose to the challenge. The new offering is designed to help our resellers set themselves apart from their competition in the ways that count – great product, great support, great price,” explains Web Africa CEO, Tim Wyatt-Gunning.
The new hosting offerings have been engineered to give resellers complete control. The management system has been designed to deliver all the necessary information for excellent client service through a clean and simple user interface.
All hosting packages come with no setup fees and full access to Web Africa’s technical and business support teams.
Home hosting packages, Micro and Micro Plus are priced at R19.00pm and R39.00pm respectively. Business packages start at R99.00pm for Basic, R149.00pm for Standard, R279.00pm for Advanced and R439.00pm for Pro. Resellers can offer Web Africa fixed packages or, create their own packages to suit their client’s specific needs.
Web Africa has restructured its reseller division, bringing in additional technical and business support and the new offerings are a result of extensive benchmarking, both locally and globally.
“Resellers form a vital part of our business focus. Web Africa’s infrastructure is robust and scaled to handle volume and with the sophisticated new management tools we have designed, we’re in a position to deliver services that set our reseller community apart,” Wyatt-Gunning says.
Resellers will also be able to leverage Web Africa’s network through the new ADSL packages. The new packages are priced competitively with a retail price of R7.99 per Gig, subject to volume discount for resellers, which will bring significant additional savings.
The volume discount programme (VDP) allows for discounts between 5% to 20% and resellers qualify if their spend is R5000.00 or more per month. This tiered saving has been designed to drive healthy reseller margins and reward growth and has already been welcomed by many of the resellers.
A Web Africa API now effectively allows a reseller to create their own ISP and the end-user experience will be reseller-branded from start to finish, including their own billing systems.
“We’ve structured our products so that it’s entirely within the reseller’s control to design and manage their own offerings as they see fit. Our reseller teams are geared to help resellers sign up and deliver services quickly and simply. It’s all about creating deals which bring in users and then ensuring we offer the support that’s necessary to keep them,” Wyatt-Gunning concludes.