Local ISP and hosting company, Web Africa has dramatically revised its home ADSL offering, removing the peak and off-peak differentiator to deliver up to 400% more connectivity, anytime, at the same price.

For instance, a customer who previously had 2Gb peak and 8Gb off-peak for R149, will now have 10Gb of anytime data for the same price.

“We took the decision to simplify the home offering and bring our customers what they are looking for – fast, reliable connectivity without complicated terms of usage and at the best price possible,” explains Web Africa CEO, Tim Wyatt-Gunning.

The new Home Connect packages deliver data from as low as R7.99 per Gig, making the Web Africa offering the most attractive in the local market at this time.

Web Africa has also lowered the costs of top-up data and ensured that unused data is rolled over to the following month and that it never expires.

“Consumers want a solution which delivers fast, reliable connectivity at any time of the day or night and which supports their digital lifestyle. We believe we’ve delivered just that, and at the best price out there,” Wyatt-Gunning says.