Distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC) has signed an agreement to become the only distributor of the Symantec-owned Altiris product suite in southern Africa. Altiris offers service-oriented management solutions that deliver a modular and future-proof approach to managing highly diverse and widely distributed IT infrastructures.
This agreement enables DCC to now distribute the entire comprehensive range of complementary Symantec products and services, from retail through to high end security, availability and management.
“The Altiris product suite consists of a variety of different management tools, all of which are completely modular. This enables users to pick and choose the products that are right for their organisation.
“These open solutions enable lifecycle integration of client, handheld, server, network and other IT assets with audit-ready security and automated operation, delivering a complete, unified management solution for all areas of the modern IT environment,” says Fred Mitchell, Symantec business unit manager at DCC.
Products in the Altiris offering are available individually or as productivity and efficiency enhancing solution sets.
These solutions include the Client Management Suite (CMS) for the management of desktop and PC devices, the Server Management Suite (SMS) for servers, the Asset Management Suite, and the Total Management Suite which is a comprehensive solution offering that includes CMS, SMS and Asset Management.
“The CMS and SMS suites include application metering, which assists with reducing the cost of unnecessary licenses for either end-point clients of servers. This tool also enables checking of the number of licenses that are purchased per product as well as how often each license is used, so that if licenses are not being used they can be reassigned where they are needed.
“Both suites also include tools for remote administration, deployment and inventory solutions for simplified management and reporting, patch management for a variety of vendor offerings and more,” says Mitchell.
Other products within CMS and SMS include:
* A recovery solution to return machines to a last known good state in case of failure;
* Software management which prevents unauthorised software from being installed, checks compliance and keeps an audit trail of software offerings;
* Realtime systems manager which records system changes as they happen and provides realtime inventory information;
* Workflow solution which assists in automating business processes; and
* Virtualisation of software licensing.
The SMS suite includes an additional tool that enables servers to be monitored and notifications sent to administrators should any alerts be flagged.
The Asset Management Suite includes Asset Management, Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and a barcode solution.
The Asset Management module enables associations, associating a user to a machine, a floor, a business unit, a department, a cost centre and so on. It also allows for depreciation schedules of assets, contract management, and management of software licenses, lease agreements and SLAs. CMDB delivers a central view of all the discoverable assets within the organisation along with their associations.
The barcode solution can be used to add non-discoverable assets to the CMDB, using a barcode and a barcode scanner.
“Large organisations with complex IT, software and asset environments particularly will benefit from the Altiris solutions offering.
“From managing multiple software packages to patch management, licensing and more, Altiris enables organisations to have confidence that their IT solutions, including vital security systems, are up to date and fully functional. It also delivers a single, comprehensive view of assets, vital for budgeting, audits and compliance, vital for avoiding penalties in today’s regulated business environment,” Mitchell concludes.
The Altiris product range is available immediately from DCC.