F5 Networks, the global leader in Application Delivery Networking, has announced new VIPRION solutions, including the 4480 chassis and 4300 performance blade. Extending F5’s portfolio of physical and virtual solutions, these new hardware offerings are specifically designed to help service providers and enterprises address rapidly increasing traffic levels and the growing demand for enhanced services.
In addition, F5’s industry leading processing capabilities help organisations efficiently scale their infrastructures and seamlessly integrate security – including data centre firewall and access solutions – without sacrificing performance or ease of management.
“To meet the evolving needs of our customers and the market at large, F5 is committed to offering a breadth of deployment options that help organisations efficiently scale their infrastructures,” says Karl Triebes, EVP of product development and CTO at F5.
“By leveraging F5 hardware and virtual platforms with the company’s powerful clustered multiprocessing technologies, organisations remain flexible as they build out dynamic infrastructures – including cloud and virtualisation technologies – to support business initiatives and user requirements. Unlike other vendors’ products, which can be difficult and costly to upgrade, F5’s VIPRION solutions automatically pool resources from separate blades as they’re added to help organisations implement a true ‘scale on demand’ strategy.”
F5’s VIPRION solutions enable organisations to stay ahead of user and infrastructure demands. The new products deliver a number of performance advantages when compared to other vendors’ application delivery controller (ADC) offerings. Industry leading metrics and product highlights include:
* The market’s first 40Gbps Ethernet support for an application and services delivery platform;
* 80Gbps of SSL throughput, approximately six times what other vendors’ ADCs provide;
* 320Gbps of L4 throughput, four times competitors’ offerings;
* 160Gbps of L7 throughput, twice competitors’ offerings; and
* 80Gbps of hardware compression for application acceleration, four times competitors’ offerings.
Enterprises and service providers currently face a number of challenges impacting application and services delivery, as well as user experience: increased bandwidth needs, demand to support rich applications, and ever-present requirements to scale efficiently and reduce operations costs.
F5’s broad range of ADCs – including NEBS compliant solutions – provide a scalable platform that can easily combine optimisation, traffic management, and security services as organisations grow and IT initiatives take shape.
With F5’s new VIPRION products, customers can increase processing power by simply adding another performance blade, ensuring that additional capabilities can be supported without disrupting existing services.
F5’s new VIPRION hardware solutions help customers:
* Consolidate application and service delivery capabilities to streamline operations –  F5’s unique TMOS architecture enables organisations to deploy application solutions on a flexible, integrated platform.
* Elegantly scale services, performance and connectivity to support growth – organisations can harness the context-aware intelligence of F5 solutions to monitor, manage and modify services based on network and user conditions.
* Provide added security with enhanced firewall capabilities – cyber-attacks, such as DDoS, have impacted some of the world’s best-known organisations, damaging the companies’ finances and industry reputations due to downtime, lost revenue, and confidentiality breaches. F5 offers an ICSA-certified firewall that integrates L3–L7 security services to protect against massive, multi-layered and blended attacks.
“Among other factors, the rapid proliferation of smartphones, tablets and other Web-enabled devices continues to add strain to networks, as well as the IT teams charged to support them,” says Cindy Borovick, program VP, Enterprise and Datacentre Networks at IDC.
“In aiming to provide a superior user experience for end customers, service providers and enterprises must be able to nimbly scale their infrastructures, including cloud and other ‘as-a-service’ offerings.
“Accordingly, organisations should take a dynamic approach – one that incorporates both hardware performance and software flexibility – to managing a growing portfolio of services while simultaneously taking advantage of vendor solutions that can simplify operations, reduce costs, and provide enhanced security capabilities.”
“We work closely with organisations to tailor solutions that address their IT challenges,” says Roger Niles, director of national programs at Clearshark. “F5’s new VIPRION solutions are a good fit for enterprises and service providers pursuing hardware-based or hybrid application delivery architectures.”