Oracle has announced Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c, to help Oracle systems customers adopt cloud computing faster and with less effort and risk. A key part of the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c product family, Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c introduces unique capabilities for establishing, managing, and supporting infrastructure as a service (IaaS) clouds.
By delivering complete, centralised management for Oracle Engineered Systems, Oracle’s SPARC servers, Oracle’s x86 servers, Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliance, Sun Server Networking, and Oracle Virtualisation, Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c provides the best solution for managing all Oracle systems deployed in traditional, virtualised and cloud environments.
Oracle also introduced the Ops Center Everywhere Program. Through the programme, qualified customers can download and use Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center to manage their Oracle systems at no additional cost.
Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c is Oracle’s leading solution for transforming traditional IT into an enterprise cloud. It provides IT leaders total cloud control, enabling as much as 12 times higher operational agility for cloud, mission-critical applications and traditional IT environments.
Key capabilities in Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c help customers:
* Accelerate mission critical cloud deployment – delivers comprehensive cloud lifecycle management across Oracle hardware, Oracle Linux and Oracle Solaris, including central management of all virtualisation technologies, self-service management of cloud lifecycle, and dynamic resource scheduling.
Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c is the industry’s first and only solution for managing virtualised pools of x86, via tight integration with Oracle VM Manager 3, and SPARC servers through a uniform interface.
* Provide total management for Oracle Solaris 11 – adds support for Oracle Solaris Image Packaging System (IPS), Automated Installer (AI) and Alternate Boot Environments. Enhances the I/O manageability in Oracle Solaris environments with improved manageability of iSCSI, fibre channel interfaces and network and storage technologies.
These capabilities help customers unlock the power of Oracle Solaris 11 to accelerate mission-critical enterprise and ISV application delivery.
* Simplify Oracle engineered systems management – adds management support for Oracle’s SPARC SuperCluster T4-4 and enhances the rich management of Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud – enabling customers to go from bare-metal to the cloud in minutes.
* Deliver proactive cloud support – enhancements in My Oracle Support allow cloud administrators to benefit from Automatic Service Requests (ASR), proactive patch recommendations and health checks, integrated with Oracle Enterprise Manager’s comprehensive automated patch planner and end-of-life advisor for all of the application technology deployed within Oracle clouds.
The new Ops Center Everywhere Program demonstrates Oracle’s commitment to delivering the best value to its systems customers. Oracle server, storage, networking, Oracle Linux, Oracle Solaris and Oracle VM customers can now receive access to Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center though their Oracle Premier Support agreements, at no additional cost.
Benefits include the ability to:
* Manage all Oracle systems technologies from a single pane, with no extra license charges.
* Deploy and manage IaaS powered by Oracle systems faster than alternative solutions.
* Receive proactive support information and recommendations, manage service requests and apply patches. These capabilities, provided through a single console are not offered by other management solutions.
* Eliminate third party tools and save complexity and cost. Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c can do the job of multiple tools to manage Oracle systems including discovery, inventory, monitoring, patching, configuration management, server provisioning, host management, storage management, virtualisation management, network management and cloud infrastructure management.
* Provide total cloud control across applications, middleware, databases and hardware through built-in integration with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c.
“With Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c, customers can establish their cloud infrastructure faster, manage it more holistically, and leverage Oracle’s extensive experience to avoid common and costly operational pitfalls,” says Steve Wilson, VP, Systems Management, Oracle.
“This offering provides the essential ingredients for proactive IT management. No other vendor today is able to provide this level of complete cloud control across a user’s infrastructure.”