COBIT 5 has been launched, with the subtext “business governance and management of enterprise IT” demonstrating the ambitious scope of the new framework.

IT management practice consultant Johann Botha explains that the new COBIT 5 framework takes it beyond the IT arena and into the broader business world.

He says the framework is based on five key principles:

* It needs to meet stakeholder needs;

* It needs to be end-to-end and cover the whole enterprise;

* ts needs to be a single and integrated framework;

* It must have a holistic approach; and

* It must separate governance from management.

“I think the framework has definitely meets the set principles for the development of COBIT 5 and is the first attempt to develop a holistic governance framework,” Botha says. “ It will, however, take time for people to digest this ambitious scope of the new COBIT and whether it will be embraced by the whole enterprise remains to be seen.”