For more than five years, the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) has relied on CA ARCserve products from CA Southern Africa, to ensure reliable backup of its data.
Corporate governance guidelines contained in codes like the King Reports on Corporate Governance, recognise the value of an organisation’s data and thus the dire consequences of losing it. As a result, good corporate governance practices require organisations in both the public and private sectors to take appropriate steps to protect their data.
During 2011, the department renewed its commitment to CA for backup by purchasing CA ARCserve r16. ARCserve r16’s ability to manage rigorous backup regimes across organisations’ increasingly diverse mix of virtual, conventional and cloud resources played an important part in the Department’s decision.
The Department’s data centre currently contains around 12 terabytes of data and it is working with CA Southern Africa to investigate the new backup strategy and the possibility of utilising disk to disk and virtualisation in addition to its current practice of backup tapes held offsite.
Another key factor in the department’s move to ARCserve r16 was the extreme ease of use it offers.
“ARCserve r16 allows the department to manage its backup environment onsite without the need for input from the vendor or any other service provider,” says Andy Podrenek, account manager, CA Southern Africa. “The training they received from CA at our training centre empowers them fully.”
“Like any public sector entity, this department relies on its IT systems to deliver services more effectively to its stakeholders – and thus safeguarding our data is a primary consideration for us.
“But we also need to keep an eye on costs. We chose to use CA ARCserve r16 because it is flexible enough to deal with an increasingly complex IT environment while remaining easy to use,” says Tsepo Ramosebi, deputy director of infrastructure at DAFF.