To meet the needs of businesses aiming to increase their employee productivity, Jabra has unveiled the Jabra PRO 900 Series. The series includes two new wireless headsets that make migrating from the traditional handset to wireless headsets a simple and cost-efficient journey for everybody.
“There are usually two reasons why businesses don’t migrate to wireless communication,” says Scott Corry, sales director for Jabster Technologies.
“One is cost, and the other is the belief that the equipment is difficult to install and use. Clearly, there is a need for an intuitive and inexpensive quality headset tailored for the professional office worker. That is precisely what Jabra have provided with the Jabra PRO 900 Series.”
The two DECT (digitally enhanced cordless telecommunications) wireless headsets are designed specifically for the businesses that are looking for easy migration to wireless communication and don’t want to worry about cost and maintenance.
“Due to its intuitive use and price performance, the Jabra PRO 900 Series is a headset solution for those making the initial venture into wireless technology,” adds Corry.
“We live in a world where our technology adoption is driven by an inherent need to get more done in less time,” continues Corry. “In fact, time itself is becoming a key bargaining commodity – one that is scarce to most, yet wanted by all, and it is only by adopting solutions that bodes an intrinsic value proposition on productivity and efficiency that we are able to win or ‘buy’ back some of those lost working hours.”
When Jabra’s team of engineers entered their R&D lab at the onset of developing the PRO 900 series, their goal was to address the three most essential needs of businesses today: to increase productivity; reduce costs without compromising on basic functionalities; and to do so with a simple, quality solution that requires minimal support.
“With the reaction that Jabra has experienced in the test phases on these two headsets, they have clearly reached and surpassed this goal,” adds Corry.
The Jabra PRO 900 Series consists of two variants, the Jabra PRO 920 for desk phones and Jabra PRO 930 for UC softphones.
Jabra conducted a focus group where more than a thousand Jabra PRO 900 headsets were tested by some of Jabra’s partners all across the world and the results were overwhelmingly positive:
* 93% of the test panel were so convinced about the product that they would recommend the Jabra PRO 900 Series to friends and colleagues;
* 90% of the test panel found that the equipment was easy to set up; and
* The headset received a staggering 87% approval rate for its sound quality.
When developing the Jabra PRO 900 Series inspiration was drawn from the technology Jabra uses today in its higher-end headsets – focusing on the basic headset functionalities and then improving on them.
Sound quality for instance is pivotal – according to a study undertaken by Jabra last year, 81% of respondents agreed that the sound quality of headsets leads to better customer relationships – and Jabra therefore put its decades of expertise into ensuring the 900 Series has the same crisp, clear sound that Jabra users have become accustomed to.
With the Jabra PRO 900 headsets Jabra has demonstrated and committed to making wireless communication available to everybody:
* Increased productivity and comfort;
* Superior sound clarity;
* Improved density capabilities;
* Simple, intuitive design for fast user adoption;
* Easy to deploy – for everyone;
* Low cost of ownership – value for money;
* Superior audio with a noise-cancelling microphone, Jabra SafeTone DSP; and
* Lightweight design and comfortable ear cushions.
“Traditionally, office professionals haven’t been early adopters of headset solutions for many reasons. However, with a growing need for more time in the day and a cultural shift towards ‘take your own device to work’, I can’t think of any reason why today’s professionals shouldn’t at least try it for themselves. They have nothing but time to lose,” concludes Corry.