My Feather Productions has announced that the Official Reeva Steenkamp life story documentary: “My name is Reeva”, will soon go into production.
Producers Warren Batchelor and Tony Miguel, the team behind the controversial, critically acclaimed documentary feature film, on the murder of mining magnate Brett Keble, “204: Getting Away With Murder”, has been appointed by My Feather Productions to bring Reeva’s story to the screen for international release in early 2017. The two have over 20 years’ experience, having produced and directed numerous local and international productions.
Warren Batchelor, writer and director of the documentary, explains the rationale behind the title of the documentary: “Reeva died a horrible death when she was shot and killed by her boyfriend, International Paralympian and Gold Medal winner Oscar Pistorius. While the world, during the highly televised trial across the globe, fixated on Oscar, who was eventually found guilty of murder, Reeva, the victim, seemed to be forgotten. Reeva was too often referred to as “the deceased”, and by the media as “Oscar’s model girlfriend”. But Reeva, the victim of this terrible crime, the person who died behind that toilet door, whose life was extinguished at 29 years young, had a name. She had a life. She had a future. She had a dream. She has a name.
“The documentary will showcase the life, aspirations and dreams of an amazing young woman. It will also give viewers a rare insight into how victims of crime, and the family of victims of crime, deal with the effects of not only the crime itself, but the legal process of the South African criminal justice system,” says co-producer Tony Miguel.
This documentary has been endorsed by Barry and June Steenkamp, other family members and key role players, who will be working closely with the team to bring Reeva’s story to the world and be her voice. Throughout the three and a half years since Reeva’s death, the trial, the appeal and sentencing, the Steenkamp family has maintained their dignity, placing their faith in the South African justice system.
“I believe this is the correct platform for the Steenkamp family and others close to Reeva, and the trial, to tell their story. It will be hard hitting as we reveal new personal insights about Reeva, and this case, that have never been heard before,” Batchelor adds.