The job details:

– Scheduling and Overseeing Preventive Maintenance of the Server/System Infrastructure
– Management of Linux and Microsoft systems
– Linux System Administration
– Microsoft System Administration
– MySQL Server and Database administration
– Manage configurations of all systems (backup configuration and application of standardized configuration templates to Systems)
– Cloudbased Servers and VPSes
– NGINX configuration
– Management and development of Linux environment including: MySQL, NGINX, PHP, BASH
– Providing support to internal and external customers
– Maintenance and development of business continuity solutions and disaster recovery (DR, back-ups, contingency planning)
– Perform regular audits and performance monitoring of mission critical infrastructure and processes

Candidate requirements:

– Minimum 3 years hands on experience experience
– Setup of load balancing solutions
– Cloud Computing and configuration
– Ability to configure and administer SQL/MySQL/PostgreSQL Server and User Directory services
– Experience implementing and managing hosted or web based systems within a Linux environment
– Experience of implementation and managing high availability and rapidly scalable environments
– Internet technologies – DNS, SMTP, Proxies, Cache
– Security best practices (hardening, vulnerability scans, DMZ etc.)
– Storage and back-up methodologies
– Team Player
– Highly motivated with demonstrable enthusiasm for role

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