Datonomy is looking for a certified Business Analyst with a sound technical background (for example):

  • Technical skills – knowledge of software and IT skills
  • Data analysis – able to use logical techniques to analyze, describe, and evaluate data
  • System analysis –able to find solutions to a given business function.
  • System integration specification – able to bring different technological entities together to solve a given problem
  • Functional specifications – able to explain in detail how a given technological solution would meet a given business requirement.

SME areas:

Advantageous that candidate has experience in some of the following business areas:

  • Digital Channels (SMS, email, Whatsapp, USSD, App, Web, etc.)
  • Digital Marketing (Retail)
  • Customer Service
  • Financial Service
  • Money Market
  • Insurance
  • Mobile (airtime, data, etc.)
  • 3rd Party bills (Municipal, DSTV, etc.)
  • Betting (Lotto, etc.)
  • Banking
  • Wallets
  • Payments
  • Transfers

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