Developer – Front-End (ASP.Net – MVC) (Parvana)About the Client:

  • In a world, where the internet and technology has altered the way we conduct business, our client helps their customers adapt, compete and grow their businesses.
    Our client continuously improves their knowledge, skills, practices and tools that they use in order to deliver the latest technology solutions to their customers.


  • Performing application support on rotational basis.
  • Building responsive web pages that provides a good user experience and uses efficient data transfer between Front-end, service layer and Back-end databases.
  • Using AngularJS to develop reusable Front-end components.

Skills / Experience:

  • Front End (3 5 Years’ Experience).
    • Solid experience building and debugging responsive web applications using:
      • ASP.Net MVC.
      • AngularJS.
      • Bootstrap.
    • Experience building and maintaining modular enterprise applications.
    • Experience building component driven applications.
    • Familiar with using mocking to enable parallel development.
  • Concepts
    • SOLID.
    • State machines.
  • Development Tools
    • Azure DevOps.
    • GIT.
    • Scheduling tool such as Visual CRON would be advantageous.
    • Visual Studio 2019.
  • General Toolset
    • Manage engine exposure.
    • Target process exposure.
  • Experience
    • Financial systems.
    • Agile development.

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