Role Purpose

At the company we believe in building software that will shape the future and we are looking for testers with passion, drive, strong technical and problem solving skills to help us achieve this goal. We believe our testers play a vital role not just in ensuring the quality of the software we develop, but in making it better, all the way from backend to frontend. As a tester at the company you play a critical role in the design of our software to ensure it is developed with quality in mind from the very beginning and solving the many complex challenges along the way, using some of the industry’s latest technologies. Automation is a key part in what we do, so we will expect our testers to have a strong coding background to assist in building the automation systems that enable us to deliver this world class software rapidly.


  • Degree in computer science or business information systems ideal, but solid experience will be considered as well.


  • You understand the systems you are testing.
  • You can program (we use Scala, JavaScript and UFT amongst others) or are interested in learning to program.
  • You know how to write SQL.
  • You know where it is most effective for an automated test to live. (Unit, Integration, E2E)
  • You can speak the same language as the developers.
  • You understand the benefits of manual testing but also the costs.
  • You are continually trying to improve your testing skills.
  • You read widely about what is happening in the world of testing.
  • You care about releasing great software.
  • You have experience testing financial applications.
  • You enjoy complicated numerical calculations.
  • You will need to help solve the complex testing issues we face.
  • You will need to help solve the small testing issues we face.
  • You will need to deal with a wide range of people often under severe stress.

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