Our clients Security Team is responsible for building security controls, supporting other teams in driving a culture of security, and constantly testing the controls that are in place. The security team works closely with the platform and development teams to build a strong defence, as well as enable and support a culture of DevSecOps in the development teams.

Our client is growing quickly, which brings a number of unique and interesting challenges. Security is growing rapidly in the organization and there is a lot of opportunity to shape the tools, technologies, and culture of security in the company.

As a Team Lead your primary responsibility will be to lead, manage, and mentor a group of security engineers and analysts, constantly striving for quality solutions that are delivered on time, within budget and scope, using industry standards and company best practices.

Your daily work will involve:

– Managing, mentoring, and coaching members of the team
– Executing on projects, delivering on commitments
– Running and coordinating Red Team scenarios
– Architecting and implementing technical solutions to support defensive security
– Mentoring and coaching security within the organization
– Deploying, operating, and monitoring SIEM, IPS/IDS
– Responding to Security Incidents
– Expanding security auditing and monitoring capabilities
– Developing custom applications to monitor red flag situations
– Working with DevOps to secure the platform, hardening servers, networks, Kubernetes
– Working with Application teams to secure code, consulting on implementations
– Working with Infrastructure to secure the physical environments (office networks, etc)
– Hardening servers, and building security into the platform
– Developing automation so we can focus on the hard problems
– Developing glue code to extend or integrate systems

To achieve this, we’re looking for someone who:

– Works well with people, and is passionate about helping people be their best
– Is a team player, an active listener, mentor, and able to communicate well
– Shows solid reasoning and decision making, with the ability to work under pressure
– Is passionate about technology and security
– Is curious, always learning, and keeping up to date with the industry
– Has either a Degree in Computer Science, or Industry experience
– Has experience in ethical hacking
– Has experience with defensive systems (SIEM, IDS/IPS, Canaries, Fail2Ban, etc)
– Has a solid understanding of Networking (TCP, UDP, IP, nmap, wireshark, etc)
– Has experience with Linux administration (Processes, Networking, Disks, Security)
– Has experience with a configuration management system (Puppet, Chef, Ansible)

Top candidates will be strong in the above, but also bring some of the following to the table:

– Can write code (we use Python)
– Experience with Kafka, Apache Beam, Apache Metron, Apache Spark
– Experience with Google Cloud, or another cloud provider
– Experience with Kubernetes, Docker (or containers in general)
– Experience with Build Systems (Jenkins, Gitlab, Spinnaker)
– Experience with security frameworks such as NIST

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