The Project Manager identifies the central problem to solve and determines, with input from the Project Sponsor and project stakeholders, how to tackle it: what the project’s objectives and scope will be and which activities will deliver the desired results. He / She then plans and schedules tasks, oversees day-to-day execution, and monitors progress until she evaluates performance, brings the project to a close, and captures the lessons learned. The project manager receives authority from the sponsor.

  • Provide a framework for the project’s activities
  • Identify needed resources
  • Negotiate with higher authorities
  • Recruit effective participants
  • Set milestones
  • Coordinate activities
  • Manage Project Risk Plan
  • Management Procurement Plan
  • Manage project costs and report actual expenditure v forecast
  • Keep the vision clear and the work on track
  • Make sure everyone on the team contributes and benefits
  • Mediate conflicts
  • Prepares and report on monthly basis project progress as per agreed format with the project sponsor
  • Assist with the coordination of the development of Request for Information (RFI) and

Request for Proposals (RFP) for external services.

Key responsibilities:
Prepare for Projects

  • Clarifies and agrees the Project Management priorities, activities and resources with the Project Management Programme Manage
  • Assesses the project impact and readiness for project initiative, identifying key barr
  • Develops Project Management plans (e.g. stakeholders’ management, training, coaching, communications and resistance management).
  • Develops Project Management material and content with the assistance of the appropriate Specialists.
  • Engages with stakeholders to obtain buy-in to the project initiativ
  • Incorporates successful Project Management solutions from other initiatives into project pl

Prepare for Projects

Desired Skills:

  • 3 Year degree. –
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience. –
  • Relevant project management certification. –
  • Project management theory and practice. –
  • Senior Project Management skills aligned with the 10 (ten) knowledge areas contained in the Guide to Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK)
  • Prince II certification
  • PMP

Desired Work Experience:

  • 5 to 10 years

Desired Qualification Level:

  • Diploma

About The Employer:

In4Group Pty Ltd

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