The purpose of this job is to plan, develop and execute projects/programmes in water supply, sanitation and rural/urban/municipal infrastructure development and management, and relevant sector governance reforms for the identified district.


Minimum Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree/NQF 7 in Built Environment or Civil Engineering.
  • Registered with the relevant professional council/board as a Built Environment / Engineering professional (PrEng or PRTechEng)
  • Public sector management and/or related experience in the delivery and oversight of water and sanitation infrastructure projects/programmes at a senior level (10 – 15 years).
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the Engineering Profession Act, Architectural Profession Act, Quantity Surveying Profession Act, Expanded Public Works Programme, Local Government Building Regulations (where applicable), Occupational Health & Safety Act, Provincial Land Administration Legislation, Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations Act, Intergovernmental Framework and the PFMA.
  • Extensive work experience-across multiple areas of local government (approximately 5 -8 years) (Past experience operating at a senior specialist level).
  • Demonstrated ability to manage large scale water and sanitation infrastructure projects / programmes.
  • Fully computer literate with sound knowledge of MS office.
  • Demonstrated ability to interact confidently with diverse stakeholders and clients.

Desirable Requirements

  • Project Management Qualification


  • Lead the formulation and engagement in dialogue with municipalities and stakeholders concerning water supply and sanitation, and provision of municipal services.
  • Appraise water and sanitation master plans and regional bulk master plans submissions from municipalities and stakeholders and provide inputs to the District ‘one plan’.
  • Develop / review and obtain approval of the water and sanitation services development plan for the District.
  • Lead the development of feasibility studies, technical reports and designs of water and sanitation infrastructure with special emphasis on regional water and sanitation schemes.
  • Facilitate the development of innovative solutions for water and sanitation treatment processes and usage for the district. These amongst others would include:
  • System models, yield analysis and planning systems
  • Optimisation of water infrastructure; e.g. pumping systems, storage and pipeline network including appropriate technologies.
  • Appropriate treatment technologies and infrastructure. Assessment and optimisation of wastewater treatment facilities. Feasibility for effluent reuse.
  • Effective delivery of water to municipalities / communities.
  • Coagulants locally produced.
  • Operations and maintenance of pressure systems
  • Billing software.
  • Sewer modeling, network analysis and planning
  • Reviewing of technical reports guidelines and sanitation guidelines
  • Updating of water and sanitation costing guidelines
  • Draft business case/s for water and sanitation infrastructure projects / programmes.
  • Prioritise the water and sanitation infrastructure delivery needs of the District including capital and maintenance projects and also look at reduction of non-revenue water losses and water reuse strategies
  • Facilitate sign-off on inputs provided to the preparation of the Water & Sanitation Infrastructure Programme Implementation Plan by Implementing Agents.
  • Facilitate sign-off of water and sanitation project / programme execution plans as well as any scope and / or cost variations.
  • Prepare, manage and monitor short, medium- and long-term water and sanitation infrastructure delivery for assigned projects / programmes.
  • Oversee project management of water and sanitation infrastructure projects for the District in line with the approved ‘one plan’.
  • Develop and implement the physical resources infrastructure planning framework and prioritisation model(s).
  • Develop and implement policies, criteria and procedures for all water and sanitation infrastructure plans, programmes and projects.
  • Develop and obtain approval of the Procurement Strategy providing value for money to inform the Water & Sanitation Infrastructure Management Plan.
  • Review and recommend signing of Service Delivery Agreement/s.
  • Consult Municipalities and identified stakeholders during initiation and commissioning phases.
  • Finalise and approve all water and sanitisation infrastructure monitoring reports (performance and financial reports).
  • Lead in conducting capacity building activities in water supply and sanitation sector policies and practices of Executing Agencies (EAs), including urban development. Manage social facilitation.


  • Customer Service Orientation
  • Self-Awareness and Self Control
  • Strategic and Innovative Thinking
  • Driving Delivery of Results
  • Teamwork and Cooperation


  • Strategic Planning.
  • Project Management
  • Solutions Focused
  • Business Acumen
  • Planning and Organising
  • Detailed Oriented
  • Reporting & Communication
  • Presentation Skills

Desired Skills:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Management

Desired Work Experience:

  • 5 to 10 years

Desired Qualification Level:

  • Degree

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