A client of ours, an established direct selling company is looking for  an experienced and creative Digital Professional to lead a team of Digital Agents that form part of the company’s Contact Centre. The Team Leader will lead a team working in an omnichannel environment whose main function is to improve customer experience and to improve the company’s online presence.  DutiesThis role is for reactive content (responding to messages) and not the proactive/outbound content.

  • The management of a team of Digital Agents and the implementation of digital communication strategy in the company
  • Review, manage and be accountable for all digital content responses that are produced by the team
  • Building a high performing team that is open to learning and up to date with social media trends
  • Assisting the Digital Team to immediately escalate all technical challenges and ensure that the team, customers and business are not impacted 
  • Driving the team to be multi-skilled so that they work in any environment within the Contact Centre and reach the desired levels of competency
  • Producing reports based on social media listening
  • Compiling, managing, coordinating, analysing and interpreting the Digital Team reports
  • Effective implementation of incentives that will drive improved and sustained team performance
  • Great interpersonal and excellent communication skills
  • Recruitment, team motivation, coaching, training and team development to operate at an optimal level


  • Grade 12
  • Minimum of 3-5 years experience in digital customer service (email, social media, online chat)
  • Further studies in Social Media Studies and/or Consumer Behavioral Studies, Marketing and Business Management
  • Excellent knowledge of all digital platforms as well as social media best practice and conduct
  • Considerable experience in customer research
  • People management skills are a prerequisite
  • Analytical and critical skills, problem solving, negotiation and conflict resolution
  • Good time management skills

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