The Company Secretary is responsible for the company secretarial and compliance function
for the Group. As part of this function, the Company Secretary is responsible for
providing the Board members and the Group Executive Committee with
guidance on their duties, responsibilities and powers and to make them aware of laws and
regulations, relating to the JSE Listing requirements, the Companies Act, King IV, and other
legislation relevant to the exercise of their duties.
All advice and assistance should be in Group Values and the accordance with the
Code of Ethics.
With respect to the company, the Company Secretary is responsible for the matters
envisaged in section 88 of the Companies Act.

Key Responsibilities

  • Carry out the functions of the Company Secretary as envisaged in the JSE Limited
    Listings Requirements (“Listings Requirements”) and the Companies Act
  • Corporate governance assistance and advice
  • Provide advice, guidance and support to the South African Business Units on
    governance and related regulatory matters.
  • Draft formal resolutions required in the Group, including documents required for
    annual general meetings, dividend declarations, financial assistance and other corporate
    action and ensure compliance with the Companies Act in this regard.
  • Assist the business units with compliance with the Reserved Matters
    [URL Removed] Company Secretarial Administration
    Assistance to the Board, Committees, Executive Committees and head office
  • Group Compliance FunctionLegal assistance
    § Project assistance on M&A activities (including structuring advice, liaising with
    external legal and tax advisors and review of advice)
    § Share and other long-term incentive schemes: Structuring and drafting [URL Removed] Development/Leadership

Desired Skills:

  • Compnay Secretary
  • Attorney
  • JSE experience

Desired Work Experience:

  • More than 10 years

Desired Qualification Level:

  • Degree

About The Employer:

The group was listed on the JSE over 70 years ago and is included in the industrial goods and services (electronic and electrical equipment) sector of the JSE. The group primarily operates in South Africa with smaller operations elsewhere.

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