Experience and Qualifications:

  • A degree or equivalent qualification in Social Sciences with a strong learning and development focus (Essential)
  • SDF Certification (Essential)
  • OD-ETDP (Occupationally Directed Education Training Development Practice) (Desirable)
  • 3-5 years learning and development experience with a focus on working with relevant Skills Development legislation (e.g., SDA, SDLA,
    Employment Equity Act; EE and B-BBEE, Labour Relations Act and SAQA Act).
  • Exposure to Skills Development strategies (e.g., learnerships, skills programmes, ETQA, skills levies and INSETA functions).

Responsibilities and work output:

  • Keep abreast of trends, legislation and best practices within the Skill Development field in order to provide best practice guidance to relevant stakeholders concerning Skills Development practices.
  • Develop Skills Development strategies, policies and practices that support the business and the group to achieve Skills Development and strategic objectives.
  • Maximize funding opportunities via implementation of discretionary grant projects in support of critical skills pipeline development and growth.
  • Apply the INSETA mandatory and discretionary grant criteria and complete grant claim form procedures for the business/group.
  • Facilitate the vendor management and accreditation process for service providers and internal training programmes.
  • Analyse the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS) and INSETA sector skills plan (SSP) and collaborate with the HR teams to develop plans that address the requirements of the NSDS and SSP.
  • Oversee the needs analysis for the business in accordance with business objectives and in collaboration with the HR team compile a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) that addresses the needs of the business in line within the company framework and standards.
  • Oversee the tracking and reconciliation of levy payments and spend of grant rebates and provide accurate reporting thereof at business/group level.
  • Run and participate in relevant committees in order to create a platform for discussion and communication for Skills Development planning and implementation, training priorities and focus areas.
  • Support and track the implementation of the business/group WSP and provide advice on learning interventions to meet the requirements of the WSP.
  • Evaluate organisational readiness for learnership, internships and skills programmes or develop plans to advocate them in the business to increase readiness.
  • Advocate Skills Development within the business and coach and guide the HR teams and business stakeholders to comply with the Skills Development Act and related processes.
  • Build, manage and maintain relationships with members of associations such as INSETA, service providers and other stakeholders.
  • Compile, submit and assess the Workplace Skills Plan Implementation Report within the requirements of the SETAs and group standards and procedures.
  • Identify and highlight Skills Development risks with relevant stakeholders and identify risk mitigation strategies.
  • Oversee the compilation and submission of accurate Skills Development reports that clearly highlight the relevant analysis, insight and trends.
  • Assist with the development and monitoring/governance on L&D Policies.
  • Perform monthly Tracking/Reporting of training spend against budget and ensure learning throughout the group wide functions is accurately and timeously captured in order to ensure an accurate Annual Training Report (ATR).
  • Develop and monitor Divisional/Cluster Scorecard – rolling up to Group.
  • Performing quarterly Self-Assessments of Transformation Reports (SD Scorecard).

Competencies required:


  • Strong practical knowledge of skills development related legislation (SAQA, NQF Act, B-BBEE, etc.)
  • In-depth knowledge of managing learnerships, internships, skills programmes and bursaries.
  • Solid understanding of the working of SETA’s.
  • Ability to impart and share knowledge and skills.
  • Understands how skills development works, what the key issues and risks are that drive success.


  • Influencing and persuasion skills with the view to gain commitment from key stakeholders.
  • Drive a sense of urgency, focus, accountability, agility and execution to deliver business results.
  • Good analytical and reporting skills (INSETA, DoL and B-BBEE reporting).

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