• To provide overall stewardship through a culture of compliance and governance by developing, implementing and maintaining the financial management and ICT strategy, through implementing of systems, processes, tools and control systems to effectively lead financial and ICT planning; and financial accounting and ICT services strategy, to optimise utilisation and acquisition of financial resources, in support of functional, capital, operational and business goals.


Sound Financial Strategy

To develop MMSEZ Strategic & Operations Finance and Supply Chain strategy aligned to the strategic objectives of the MMSEZ;

  • Manage cash flow & projections;
  • Implement, manage and control the Finance and Supply Chain divisional plan and strategy approved by the Board;
  • Develop and implement a capital raising strategy to ensure that its core programmes and projects are sufficiently funded;
  • Monitor and report regularly to the Board on the overall progress and results against operating and financial objectives and initiate courses of action for improvement;
  • Identify the principal risks of MMSEZ business and implement appropriate systems to manage and mitigate these risks;

Sound Financial leadership
– Develop annual capital commitment and expenditure budgets for the Finance and Supply Chain division to successful execute strategic plans;

  • Monitor and manage annual budget and report major financial commitments, exposures, and risks to the CEO in a regular and timely basis;
  • Managing the overall budgets, monitoring the expenditures and costs against benefits that are realised as the programme progresses (Analysis)
  • Oversee the maintenance and control of fixed assets, aligned to relevant regulations

Committed Stakeholder Relationship Management

  • Represent MMSEZ’s initiatives to investment bankers & potential investors;
  • Raising funds for bankable projects and/or banking activities to ensure adequate cash flow;
  • Force and maintain strategic partnerships with key stakeholders
  • Foster effective communications and ensure appropriate relationships are maintained with the stakeholders of MMSEZ
  • Cultivate and promote good corporate image;
  • Develop, grow and protect MMSEZ’s corporate brand

Sound corporate governance

  • Facilitate resource availability through effective procurement processes.
  • Develop standardised Finance and Supply Chain processes and standards;
  • Establish effective control and coordination mechanisms for all operations and activities and take reasonable steps to ensure the integrity of the internal control and management information systems;
  • Ensure that all operations and activities of the division are conducted in accordance with the PFMA & King 4, relevant regulations, the MMSEZ Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, sound business practices, and the other policies and practices approved by the Board;
  • Facilitate resource availability through effective procurement processes;
  • Comply with organisation and divisional reporting requirements and delegations of authority

Effective & Sustainable Financial Accounting Practices

  • Responsible for identification and implementation of a suitable accounting system;
  • Prepare consolidated Annual Financial Statements in line with GRAP, GAAP, Companies Act and any other necessary legislation;
  • Responsible for reporting requirements to the Board;
  • Provide input in the evaluation of all new projects;
  • Analyse monthly actual performance and compare these to projections;
  • Trend analysis
  • Monitor compliance to the grant and investors terms with the funders;

Sound ICT Strategy and Leadership

  • Development of the MMSEZ ICT Master Plan and Strategy aligned to the MMSEZ Strategy;
  • Monitor and report regularly to the Board on the overall progress and results against operating and ICT objectives and initiate courses of action for improvement;
  • Ensure compliance of MMSEZ with ICT Policies and regulatory framework;
  • Implement the ICT Master plan and manage the ICT resources;
  • Ensure availability of ICT resources to all stakeholders to enable efficient and effective operating systems.

Organisational effectiveness through People Leadership
– Develop and maintain a sound, effective organisational culture and structure;

  • Direct appointments of strategic and leadership positions to ensure sound capacity building throughout the MMSEZ;
  • Develop leadership development program/interventions, to up-skill management;
  • Define roles and responsibilities and establish clear delegated authority
  • Manage and monitor performance of the direct reports;
  • Monitor and evaluate all strategic support functions (i.e. IT, Legal & Finance, Supply Chain);

Knowledge (Qualification & Experience)
Minimum Requirement:
NQF Level 9 Postgraduate Qualification in Finance/ Financial Management/Business Administration/Management Accounting
Registration with a Recognised Professional Body as a Chartered Accountant (SAICA/CIMA)

10 years’ experience in senior management in economic development or comparable environment
5 years’ executive management experience

Desired Skills:

  • See above spec

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