The Client is a global supplier of premium long-distance digital radio communication technology and a partner of choice for the worlds leading radio manufacturers and system integrators. In satellite-denied environments or where fixed communication infrastructure is not preferred, our technology provides a robust alternative and thrives where other technology cant. By delivering unsurpassed data speed, voice clarity and reach, we maximise the potential of your operations.

  • Develop communications security (COMSEC) solutions conformant with FIPS standards
  • Develop transmission security (TRANSEC) algorithms and solutions
  • Develop link security (LINKSEC) algorithms and cipher streams
  • Perform security req

Minimum Requirements

  • Requirements 2 to 7 years of software development experience in a professional capacity.
  • A degree in one of the following:
  • B.Eng Electronic Engineering,
  • B.Eng Computer Engineering, or
  • B.Sc Computer Science or Similar
  • Experience writing software in C for embedded platforms
  • Experience writing software in C++ for embedded platforms
  • Experience/knowledge in communications security and cryptography
  • Experience with developing software in conformance a with relevant security standards (FIPS 140 or similar)
  • Familiarity or experien

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