• Assists the Project Director/ Project Manager throughout the QRM process
  • Assists Business in collating the required information (such as the project plan, billing schedule and resourcing) to open a project code
  • Verifies accuracy and completeness of information required to open project codes
  • Enforces compliance in the way that codes are opened
  • Oversees the code opening integration of Phoenix to SAP S/4HANA , and loads any additional information required by SAP
  • Ensures timeous and accurate opening and closing of engagement codes (by self or Business if applicable)
  • Manages time recording and expenses claims in relation to the pre-loaded project plan
  • Manages billing based on the project plan and instruction from Business
  • Submit zero rated/ exempt VAT invoices to the Regional Tax Hub for tax compliance checks
  • Tracks unapproved expenses
  • Tracks missing time sheets and unapproved overtime
  • Reviews forecast revenue based on project plan, in line with firm policy
  • Effect any required adjustments, based on instruction from Business, to the monthly forecast to ensure accurate revenue recognition
  • Initiates credit notes on request from Business and submits to the Business Partner for review
  • Ensures profit/loss impact of projects after project completion are reviewed correctly
  • Assists Business with project code closure
  • Manages project code closure, with no activity, via a monthly clean-up
  • Manages replacement of Project Owners (Manager, Billing Partner, Proxy, project leaders or AR Party) on SAP
  • Resolves queries relating to project services data or process
  • Provides assistance and system training to project leaders on SAP activities relating to WIP and revenue reviews, rebates, provisions and revenue recognition reconciliations
  • Manages Project Services close over month-end
  • Performs first-level revenue analysis and combined with cost analysis from the General Accounting Senior Accountant, provides feedback to the Country/ Regional/ Service Line Business Partner/s on the results
  • Manages Project Services Accountants and Administrators


  • Communicates and updates the Project Services Specialist on Country/ Regional Project Services movements
  • Attends Africa-wide: Project Services team meetings and training

Complies with standardised processes and controls

Desired Skills:

  • Project
  • Services
  • Accountant

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