The Role:

  • To manage and monitor daily operational activities on VMware, Azure and AWS to ensure availability to business 24/7
  • To ensure the performance and assist in capacity and risk management in the hybrid cloud environment
  • To assist the application and development teams in provisioning resources
  • To work closely with other stakeholders to advise on cloud best practices and ensure proper guidelines are followed
  • To make sure the CCoE strategy and GRC policies are followed when applications are provisioned on the hybrid cloud environment
  • To establish a hybrid cloud operational team that will be responsible to manage all operations related to cloud

Skills and Experience: Qualifications Essential

  • A Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or related field
  • MSCE Certified
  • VMware Certified
  • Microsoft Azure Certified
  • AWS Certified

Qualification Preferred

  • Postgraduate qualification will be advantageous
  • Linux certification


  • A minimum of 8-10 years?? experience in the IT industry focusing on Microsoft Windows Server Technologies, VMware, AWS, Azure
  • Strong background in Microsoft Windows Server, VMware, Cloud (AWS/Azure)
  • 10 years?? understanding of Microsoft Windows Server and concepts
  • 5 years?? understanding of the concepts of Cloud
  • 10 years?? understanding of Microsoft Active Directory and its components (DNS, DHCP, Group Policy, etc.)
  • Strong understanding of virtualisation technologies fundamentals and concepts
  • Strong understanding of network and storage principles
  • Proven history of Incident Response, Diagnostic Activities, Root Cause Analysis
    (RCA), Corrective Action Plans, and Advanced Troubleshooting
  • Proven experience in storage and compute operations, design and implementation
  • Proven Vendor Management and outsourcing experience
  • Expertise in capacity Management
  • Expertise in Configuration Management
  • Expertise in Service Level Management
  • Expertise in Storage Management
  • Expertise in Backup Management
  • Architecture Framework knowledge

Key Accountabilities:

  • Manage the hybrid environment to ensure availability of services to the business
  • Deploy and configure Virtual Networks (VMware, AWS and Azure)
  • Orchestrate routing paths, especially in a Hybrid Cloud
  • Manage public and private IP addresses for VMs and other selected Cloud resources
  • Assist in capacity and risk management in the hybrid cloud environment and make recommendations
  • Ensure the hybrid cloud environment performance meets the agreed levels and any issues are fixed promptly
  • Work closely with the Software Development teams to configure CI/CD deployment pipeline and other automations for configuration managements
  • Introduce DevSecOps culture and work with other teams to make sure this gets achieved
  • Monitor Resources and Log Analytics
  • Offer infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) to other business units through VMware, AWS and Azure
  • Analyse and implement cost-saving solutions
  • Work with the Storage and Backup teams to back up VMs and potentially providingFail-over Recovery
  • Work with the application team and developers to provision resources to support the application and the need of the development team
  • Deploy, manage, and monitor Docker containers
  • Implement and manage loud storage
  • Implement security and protecting identities
  • Troubleshoot cloud outages and performance issues
  • Monitor and ensure availability of adequate storage capacity to meet the application and business needs

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