• Planning, monitoring of developer and tester deliverables
  • Facilitating and monitoring handover between developers and testers
  • Developer daily standup meeting facilitator
  • Tester daily standup meeting facilitator
  • Client standup meeting minute taking, mapping commitments back to deliverables
  • Ensuring team is setup for success
  • Escalation of issues as they arise
  • Act as point of contact for team and facilitate communications
  • Foster positive relationship with team
  • Assistance and support provided as needed
  • Consistency in following up with resources.


  • BRS / FRS Tracker Document Management
  • Review of BRS / FRS documentation (required to understand what deliverables and sub-tasks need to be created and assigned)
  • Document life-cycle Document Management (draft / template / version control / standardization / distribution / storage / updating)
  • RFC life-cycle Document Management (Request For Change)
  • RCA / Incident life-cycle Document Management (Root Cause Assessment)
  • Project Deliverable life-cycle Document Management (BRS / FRS / Release Pack / Test Pack / Show&Tell / Release Plan / Sign-off)
  • Handle minute-taking at meetings
  • Risk Register Management
  • Implement policies & procedures

Desired Skills:

  • Administrator
  • Information Technology
  • Minute Taking
  • policies

About The Employer:

an institutional-focused fintech company operating in Southern Africa.
Our solutions address the need for software that understands that our market is very sophisticated by international standards, and that our clients require revolutionary, integrated products to differentiate themselves from competitors. We believe it is critical to use subject matter experts, that have experienced the challenges our clients face, when building software that comprehensively solves challenges our competition is not able to

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