Main Purpose of the Job

  • The Data Scientist is responsible to lead and supervise the business intelligence team in the processing, analysing and interpreting of enterprise data, through the application of statistics, machine learning algorithms and data analysis to derive various business insights, and creating machine learning-based tools and data driven intelligence solutions, that assist decision-making processes to improve business outcomes, increase revenues, streamline processes and make recommendations for product enhancements.

Duties and responsibilities include:

  • Delivered Machine Learning Tools

  • Partner with business to identify internal objectives, performance challenges and requirements and advise on suitable metrics to provide the business with relevant business intelligence

  • Translate high level business objectives into technical system requirements and develop robust, automated tools
  • Design, develop and establish relevant frameworks, models and practices to enable machine learning
  • Develop custom data models, algorithms and running simulations to mine data sets
  • Use predictive modelling to increase and optimise customer experiences, revenue generation, campaign targets and other business outcomes
  • Develop Sun International’s A/B testing framework and test model quality
  • Create standardised, automated reports as well as more in-depth analyses suited to centralized analysis which will provide intelligent data to facilitate business decisions in various business areas
  • Design reporting mechanisms which provide timely insight into business trends such as market segmentation, customer preferences and special event performance, etc.
  • Create metrics reports and dashboard views of business performance and revenue results.
  • Design tools that analyse data sets and find opportunities for product and process optimisation and using models to test the effectiveness of different courses of action
  • Assess the effectiveness and accuracy of new data sources and data gathering techniques
  • Reconcile discrepancies between the expectations of management and information presented in reports
  • Conduct testing on the tools based on new data adjustments in order to arrive at relevant predictive information and data accuracy
  • Keep up to date with latest technology trends

  • Data Analytics & Reporting

  • Collect data from data warehouse and various business systems as well as the data analyses relative to the business areas

  • Benchmark performance statistics against competitor product and performance insights and make recommendations to optimise results and identify risk potential
  • Create and apply data management solutions, tools and processes that are relevant and provide business intelligence and insights to ensure the data adds value to the operations and that the business remains relevant and competitive
  • Prepare thoughtful and timely analysis of business data to indicate performance statistics including data from online, web, e-mail, social media channels and campaign performance.
  • Conduct data analyses including but not limited to data extraction, consolidation, manipulation, analysis and reporting of business performance and customer behaviours
  • Design and execute effectiveness measurements, such as conversion rates, active database, visitor trends and measurement against appropriate benchmarks player spend, revenue statistics
  • Conduct integrity analysis, such as reporting erroneous or incomplete data entries and variances, revenue, and customer reinvestment algorithms.
  • Interpret and present results to management, providing insights out of data to support the business in making decisions.
  • Report on key metrics, analysing and interpreting trends and providing actionable insights based on available analytics data
  • Submit data-sets and related reports to the various stakeholders on a regular and ad-hoc basis
  • Present findings and recommendations to guide future business direction including working with various business teams with regards product performance, necessary product changes, services, etc.
  • Maintain confidential information and protects business data by keeping information confidential

  • People management

  • Provides direction and support to all functional management and employees with regard to operationalizing strategic deliverables

  • Provides motivation and leadership to promote positive working relationships
  • Track, measure and enhance employee engagement
  • Drives a performance management culture
  • Identify and manage training, coaching and development requirements in line with strategic plans, e.g. skills shortages, succession plans, talent management to build a solid talent pipeline
  • Manage change processes and communication to ensure all employees and business partners are aligned on changes taking place across the business unit
  • Manage internal communication and development interventions to ensure competence levels of staff meet operational level requirements (right fit for the job)
  • Source and Select talent as per EE plan
  • Drive the employee value proposition
  • Performance Manage and coaching of reporting managers to ensure KPA’s are achieved

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Collaborate with other analysts to define, communicate, and document project objectives, analyses and recommended solutions

  • Collaborate with segment operators to identify risks and opportunities, track actual performance vs. budget, and establish key performance indicators for business areas
  • Collaborate with suppliers around new products, technologies, channel and campaign performance to further support new innovations and business requirements
  • Be an active member of the of the Business Support team and provide valuable insights and build and monitor solutions to guide business decisions
  • Provide feedback and business intelligence to management
  • Manage SLA to deliver to internal customers around technical requirements and support.
  • Manage the briefing and performance of any third party providers against contracted deliverables


Preference will be given to suitably qualified employees from the designated groups in line with the provisions of the Employment Equity Act, No. 55 of 1998 (and any amendments thereto), the relevant internal recruitment policy as well as unit’s employment equity plans and Gaming Board License conditions.

Desired Skills:

  • SQL
  • data warehouse and business intelligence skills Statistical computer languages to manipulate data and draw insights from large data sets Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Deep Neural Networks (DNN)
  • R and Python Agile methodologies Scrum
  • practicing DevOps and continuous delivery / integration Statistical modelling including clustering
  • regression
  • classification
  • time-series forecasting
  • recommender systems. Data acquisition and provisioning Data visualisation tools: (e.g. Qlik
  • PowerBI
  • etc.) Business and Systems analysis Project management skills Plan

Desired Work Experience:

  • 5 to 10 years Data Analysis / Data Warehousing

Desired Qualification Level:

  • Degree

About The Employer:

The Sun International brand has a proud legacy in the gaming, hospitality and entertainment sector. Its superior hotels and resorts portfolio makes it a recognized premium brand. The Sun International Group has a diverse portfolio of assets including world class five star hotels, modern and well located casinos, and some of the world’s premier resorts. Our destinations offer experiential luxury, enduring quality and incredible adventure, supported by an authentic dedication to personal service.

Today, Sun International is one of Africa’s largest tourism, leisure and gaming groups and operates or has an interest in a total of 18 resorts, luxury hotels and casinos. Our entry into Latin America began in Chile in 2008 and has been a success story for the Group, giving us the track record and confidence to look for more opportunities that offer gaming opportunities in the region. Sun International’s Latin American portfolio (Monticello Grand Casino in Chile, the Ocean Club Casino in Panama and the Sun Nao Casino in Colombia) has now been merged with the casino and hotel portfolio of Chile-based leader in the gaming and entertainment industry, Dreams SA, making it the largest gaming company in Latin America with operations in Chile, Peru, Colombia and Panama.

Our approach has been to differentiate our hotels, resorts and casinos in architecture, service, experience, location and the mix of entertainment and activities. Creating lasting memories for our guests and customers is a core part of our DNA. We’ve created some the world’s most iconic hotels from The Palace of The Lost City at Sun City to The Table Bay Hotel in Cape Town. The creative architecture of these properties and the blending of their designs with their local environment make each property unique.

We are committed to the development of all our employees and we make sure that equal opportunities and economic empowerment form the backbone of our human resource practices.

Employer & Job Benefits:

  • Sun International offers a total cost of employment package including benefits

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