We are looking for a Front-end Developer with strong UI/UX design skills. If you arent very strong on the UI/UX side but you understand/ know UX Principles and have an interest in UX methodologies, please continue reading. If you are ready to join an amazing team of talented Front-end developers and designers, please get in contact.

Further details:

Relevant IT Qualification

Level: Intermediate

Location: Gauteng (currently still working from home)

Must have a GitHub account or portfolio of work to share

  • Someone who has experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript at least
  • Experience with the JavaScript Framework is a bonus (Angular, React, Node, etc.)
  • Must be comfortable to work in frameworks like Material, Bootstrap, tailwind CSS, etc.
  • Know UX Principles / UX methodologies.
  • Ideally strong UI/ UX design capabilities. Design tools used: Figma, or alternatively Adobe XD, Sketch, etc.

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