Objectives of this Role

  • Drive identification of requirements across business units and identify substandard systems processes through evaluation of real-time data
  • Serve as though leader for technical business processes, developing forward-thinking systems prototypes that promote increased efficiency and productivity on multiple levels
  • Create and implement precise management plans for every project, with attention to transparent communication at all levels
  • Perform, evaluate, and communicate thorough quality assurance at every stage of systems development
  • Determine and develop user requirements for systems in production, to ensure maximum usability

Daily and Monthly Responsibilities

  • Partner with other stakeholder teams across business units (i.e., sales, finance, insurance) to develop necessary analysis and documentation in a collaborative way, communicating effectively will all levels of the business.
  • Evaluate, analyses, and communicate systems requirements on a continuing basis, and maintain systems processes
  • Initiate and deliver requirements and documentation
  • Develop meaningful and lasting relationships with partners for optimized systems integration, and respond to questions and concerns from managers and executives with supporting research and recommendations

Skills and Qualifications:

  • 3 to 5 years of proven experience in an analytics and systems development capacity
  • Proficiency with SQL language
  • Proven analytical abilities
  • Practical experience generating process documentation and reports
  • Excellent communicator with the ability to translate data into actionable insights
  • Proven capabilities in project and user-testing management
  • Experience working with agile methodologies
  • Relevant Diploma or Degree

Should you meet the minimum requirements, please send your CV to Bonita.

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