– Liaise with business/ ETE designer
– Understand business processes and changing needs

  • Consult with business/ ETE designer on aligning business process to delivered functionality
  • Understand the shortfalls within the system and establishing workarounds where possible
  • Streamlining business processes by suggesting changes within the process prior to suggesting costly changes within the system
  • Facilitate Business/ ETE designer during the change process by establishing the need for changes within the system or Telkom process
  • Align the changes to the standards of the company and best industry integration practices
  • Ensure the changes align to the architectural view of the company (current and future)
  • Support business/ ETE TGIT PM during the change Request process as to ensure the documentation and process is followed within the Telkom guidelines and policies
  • Assist business, if needed, to explain or present the change at the ICCF
  • Facilitate architecture in the following way; explain current and future application functionality
  • Facilitate with integration design between upstream and downstream systems
  • Ensure understanding regarding current and future change requests that will and could influence future Architectural initiatives and the impact on the integrated design

-Produce Impact Assessment document with services/integration solution impacts
-Produce functional integration designs (xsd, mapping sheet and Service Specification document, sometimes FDS for integration solutions)

  • Ensure that functional integration designs are within the best interest of the Client, Telkom, business and TGIT
  • Ensure the change receives the required importance within the release schedule
  • Ensure the design documents clearly stipulate the requirements as per the request by business
  • Deliver and review Functional Specifications according to the Telkom specification
  • Review Functional specifications delivered by other Business Analysts outside of the team
  • Review the functional specification with the person responsible for the technical design

– Review the functional specification with the responsible developers
-Facilitate Rating and Approval of your documentation
-Integration Testing

  • Write high level test cases for integrated testing between integration layer and backend systems
  • Facilitate in the training of the testers to understand the requirements, the system integration and message flows between the systems
  • Execute your test cases on SOAP UI

-Defect Analysis during the testing process

  • Assist Support team with Analysis of defects during release testing of the services related to changes

-Ensure adherence to Change Management and Configuration principles
-Defect Analysis post implementation
– Perform root-cause analysis and propose solutions on problems and incidents.

  • Resolve all production and testing defects within acceptable timelines.

-Execute the solution delivery plans (SDLC) in alignment with the project managers
-Provide project status updates

Computer Software; Databases; Enterprise Service Bus (ESB); IT Document Standards; IT Strategy & eTOM; Information Technology; Integration Patterns; ITIL; Service Oriented Architecture Design & Development Principles; Solution Process; SQL; Systems (Applications); TIBCO; Telkom Policies; J2EE, XML; UML; SOAP; WSDL; JMS; Weblogic; Webservices, REST API

Ability to Create Functional Design Documents; Analytical; Communication; Conceptual Ability; Create Re-usable Integration Artefacts; Cross Functional Teamwork; Data Modelling; Designing; Interviewing Techniques; Lead and Effectively Manage Functional Design Discussions; UML Modelling; Writing

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