Core Description:
Support data driven solutions by leveraging your software and web development experience across a wide set of use cases within the organization and throughout its customer base. ; Focused on maturing company data landscape by building data driven solutions for large-scale problems.

Core Competencies:

  • Extensive knowledge and experience with software development, web technologies, frameworks, concepts, and terms.
  • Strong relational and non-relational database foundational knowledge.
  • Experienced with analysis and improvement of business and software systems and processes.
  • Strong DevOps, CI/CD and cloud deployment best practises knowledge, understanding of standards and deployment options.
  • Cloud platform management (GCP, Azure, AWS, etc.)
  • Experience with Linux, JavaScript, Python 3, and tools in our stack including: Node.js, Flask, Django, FastAPI, React, TypeScript, Vite, Emotion, MUI, Mantine, Firebase, Google Analytics, Tableau, Alteryx, GitLab, Terraform, GCP, PowerPoint, Word & Excel.


  • Experience with data visualisation will be highly advantageous, especially using React or D3.
  • Experience with Google Cloud Platform and its products.
  • Experience with Google Analytics and awareness of SEO best practice.
  • A strong understanding of web performance in complex user interfaces.
  • Comfortable with mono-repo architecture and the relevant tooling.
  • Experience with git workflows and interfaces.
  • Experience with semantic versioning.
  • Any data or cloud platform (GCP, Azure, AWS) certification is required, other relevant certifications will be highly advantageous.
  • A formal qualification of at least NQF level 6 in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Software and/or Web Development or a related field. Any relevant specialised certifications or a post-graduate degree will be especially advantageous

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