Intermediate Data Scientist

We are looking forIntermediate Data ScientistProfessionals with 3 years solid development experience in creating algorithms and predictive models and has a solid knowledge base of the SDLC.

About The Employer:


  • Apply operations research and statistical methods to solve challenges related to Cloud compute, storage, network, and capacity for the client’s public cloud analytics and ML/AI platforms.
  • You will work broadly across the client’s Analytics and Big Data Platforms, Platforms Engineering and Systems Infrastructure teams to optimize the deployment of resources and drive innovation in their analytics and big data public cloud software stack, allowing for efficient use of resources.
  • As a Cloud Data Scientist focusing on Operations Data Science, you will think critically and strategically about the clients’ public cloud platforms, technology advancement insofar as leveraging cloud based application toolkits to efficiently and effectively meet the Analytics & Big Data platform needs, and ensure cost effective analytics and ML/AI technology and the associated operations thereof.
  • You will be comfortable engaging with the client’s leadership and management teams, discussing the total cost of management with hardware engineers, resource optimization with software engineers, or reviewing plans and deployment policies with the operations team based upon the advance analytics and machine learning by creating algorithms and predictive models.

Other Skills:

  • Agile Methodology
  • Good professional communication skills
  • Self-Motivated and have the ability to adapt quickly
  • Committed and dedicated to achieving results
  • Innovative and adhere to best coding practices

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