REPORTS TO: Head Research and Development

DEPARTMENT: Research and Development Team


  1. Communicate internally to gain an in depth understanding of the technical requirements.
  2. Participate in the creation and maintenance of documents that capture and clearly define all the functional, electrical, and mechanical requirements
  3. Assist in feasibility studies when necessary
  4. Leverage experience from senior design engineers to better understand solutions and build technical knowledge.
  5. Build a technical knowledge base and skill set based on work experience to complete company development and support duties.
  6. Identify technologies that will best suit the requirements for each project
  7. Develop web interfaces hosted on local machines as well as cloud/server environments
  8. Develop web fronted interfaces that are user friendly and modern based on the technical requirements of the relevant products
  9. Take part in design reviews at various stages of all projects
  10. Contribute to the maintenance of a secure repository for all the components used for development purposes
  11. Support and assist the Solutions Architecture team members
  12. Stay abreast of technology developments


  1. Javascript, Node JS and Vue JS
  2. HTML web development
  3. Linux environment (Hosting web services on Linux and working with the Linux network manager)


  1. Python (standard and web development packages such as Flask)
  2. MQTT communication
  3. Knowledge of communication interfaces such as RS485, CANBUS, Ethernet
  4. Knowledge of communication protocol standards such as MODBUS, SNMP

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