Design the data architecture for all solution blueprints
Design, build, and implement tools, systems and solutions including:
A Common Information Data Model in the telecommunications industry, integrated with the TMF SID
Data architecture for the GENS LNI and PNI, the Customer and Network Hubs (both MDM applications created in Oracle) and the Telecommunications Standard Language for networks and locations
InoVision, a GUI based tool built on the Zachman framework for recording and analyzing architectural artefacts and their technical implications
StageIT, ASP and .NET web application for collecting and analyzing physical and logical network inventory and circuit data for migration of data from Legacy systems to Cramer
Web services for the interfacing between StageIT and the Legacy systems, including Apmac DC Service, NCAS DC Service and IP Activator DC Service
The TSL Online Generator for issuing TSL tokens for locations and ‘black box’ type network equipment
The LR DC Service web interface for synchronizing location details between the Location Register and the Cramer and GENS systems
Reverse engineering and analysis of databases and data to evaluate and report on data quality
Conduct data cleansing and manage corrective code changes
Design and oversee development of the Data Quality Dashboard
Collaborate on the establishment of the National Data Quality Forum, create the Data Quality Management Group, and define standards for data quality and procedures for data cleansing

Data and capability (How it must be managed across the organization)
Value data will bring to the organization
institutional knowledge
Form landscapes
Legacy system
How to decomm systems
How to integrate and merge with new systems
Very string on data and migration as well as data within the organization

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